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December 10, 2012

Verafied: Q&A With NSFOCUS

Answered by Vann Abernethy Senior Product Manager at NSFOCUS

1. Tell us briefly about what NSFOCUS is all about.

NSFOCUS is a global leader in active perimeter security. Our products and systems are crucial to some of the largest brand names and financial institutions and have been for more than a decade. Our complete range of hardware; consulting services, and SaaS solutions help organizations maintain secure networks.

2. How did you hear about Veracode and our services?

The NSFOCUS team in the U.S. has extensive experience in computer and network security with some of the industry’s most well-known companies. As industry innovators, our executives have known about and trusted Veracode’s testing for years. We know first-hand the instant recognition that accompanies the Veracode name because we have trusted it as much as our customers do.

3. Why was it important for you to get the Verafied seal?

The Verafied seal is an industry standard that is relied upon by companies who make security their first priority. Most importantly, NSFOCUS wanted to earn the seal so that our potential customers could review independent third party research instead of simply trusting our sales team. We expect our customers to perform the same due diligence and research we would with such a critical area of any business today.

4. Was your experience with our software a good one? How would you improve it?

The NSFOCUS team was impressed with the ease of use of the Veracode software itself. We were also very thankful for the technical team that helped us to understand not only the workings of the product, but also the various reports, etc. The Veracode team does a wonderful job from initiation through completion and was instrumental in our success in gaining the Verafied mark.

5. Are there any exciting developments on the horizon for network security?

NSFOCUS employs hundreds of researchers who are constantly working to stay ahead of security threats by developing updates and new solutions. On the DDoS front, we have seen a sharp rise in more sophisticated attacks – it isn't just large flood attacks targeting the network layer anymore, but attacks to overwhelm the servers and databases too. DDoS attacks have also become easier to execute and we have seen a very active industry develop around them (e.g. you can rent botnets or actually hire out groups to conduct an attack for you!). The NSFOCUS ADS and our other products have been deployed in critical infrastructure in Asia, and this has helped us to stay ahead of all emerging threats. The chart below illustrates the distribution of DDoS attacks we have seen over the last year:

As for what is in store for the future of security products, our research and development teams continue to keep our products on the cutting edge of network security. We have to – the threats also keep evolving.  

NSFOCUS on why Software Providers Need Independent Security Attestation.As a producer and leading provider of perimeter security software in the public sector, NSFOCUS knows the value of independent security verification. By achieving the Veracode VerAfied mark, NSFOCUS has set itself apart from other software companies, demonstrating its commitment to proactively finding and fixing code flaws that could otherwise leave their customers vulnerable to attack. This has resulted in shortened sales cycles and most importantly, a better, more secure suite of products. Join Vann tomorrow morning, to register for this webinar click here!

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