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Cybersecurity is a major issue in all aspects of life today; individuals, companies, and even governments all have to worry about being attacked and having sensitive information stolen. As the 2012 US Presidential election approaches you should have as much information about the two candidates and party opinions as possible. In this infographic we detail the candidates’ opinions and actions, the recent bills that have been presented to the House and Senate, and how the candidates and their parties are tackling these important issues. After you have read this infographic, please take part in our poll and let us know if your opinion of national Cybersecurity has changed for the better or worse.

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  • Incalculable amounts of data are being stolen
  • Since May 2008 108 known incidents of U.S. State Department’s networks being hacked from outside the country
  • There are 2 Billion internet users and there are annually 500 million cyber attack victims
  • Cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure were up 17x between 2009 and 2011
  • In 2010 the pentagon established a cyber command to fight in cyberspace and defend the country’s computer systems headed by General Keith Alexander
  • According to General Alexander America’s Cyber Attack Preparedness is at level 3 out of 10, 10 being the best.

The Candidates Positions

Obama Administration Romney’s Claims
  • “Operate effectively in cyberspace and space” is cited as a primary mission of the U.S. armed forces.
  • Shortly after taking office, Obama ordered a 60-day review assessing U.S. policies and structures for cybersecurity
  • Issued 2 Strategies to address major issues in cyberspace
    1. A national strategy for trusted identities
    2. International strategy for engagement in cyberspace
  • Cybersecurity would be one of eight actions for the first 100 days of his term.
  • According to statements, he would: “order a full interagency initiative to formulate a unified national strategy to deter and defend…against the growing threats of militarized cyber-attacks, cyber-terrorism, cyber-espionage, and private-sector intellectual property theft.”

Where do they stand?

How the Parties Feel Before Moving into the Vote

Bill Democrat Republican
The Cybersecurity Act Pro Con

The Cybersecurity Act

Republican senators filibustered the act…



  • Establishes optional security standards for companies involved in providing critical infrastructure Maintains privacy for citizens
  • Would place a financial strain on private companies
  • “no comment” - Mitt Romney did not respond to requests for comment on where he stands on the issue.

Who is for the cybersecurity act?

Who is against the cybersecurity act?

  • 45 Democrats
  • 5 Republicans
  • 2 Independents
  • General Alexander
  • The ACLU
  • 6 Democrats
  • 40 Republicans
  • Big Business Lobbyists
  • US Chamber of Commerce

Current Status – 8/2/12 Failed in the senate with only 52 of the 60 needed votes


CISPA – Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act



  • Government gains the power to access citizens private online information
  • Obama indicated that he would VETO if it passed in the Senate as is
  • Intended to help prevent and respond to cyber attacks
  • Private companies can more easily share persona; data with the government
  • Gives companies the option to pass on data if they choose

Who is against CISPA?

Who is for CISPA?

  • 140 Democrats
  • 28 Republicans
  • 42 Democrats
  • 206 Republicans

Current status 4/7/2012 – passed in the house up for vote later in the senate



SOPA/Stop Online Piracy Act

- the bill’s name while in the house

PIPA/Protect Intellectual Property Act

– the bill was remained while in the senate

Democrat Republican
  • Helps American copyright holders protect their content
  • Shuts down foreign websites that pirate copyright protected material
  • Increases cost to companies
  • Stifled innovation by requiring constant link checking

Who would it affect most? Foreign Piracy Sites

Which senators are for SOPA/PIPA?

Which senators are against SOPA/PIPA?

  • 22 Democrats
  • 9 Republicans
  • 7 Democrats
  • 15 Republicans

SOPA/PIPA Blackout


  • Over 75,000 websites censored their own content in protest of the bills
  • Major sites involved:
    • Google
    • Facebook
    • Reddit
    • Wikipedia
    • Craigslist

In response to the 1/18/2012 SOPA/PIPA blackout the vote was postponed indefinitely

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