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October 25, 2012

451 Research Declares VAST Program a One-Stop Shop for Enterprise Application Security

In a new report by 451 Research, the enterprise IT innovation firm our new VAST program is highlighted for it's ability to lower the barriers of application security testing for enterprises. Says CEO Bob Brennan;

"VAST was created to increase the security of buying software. We work with enterprises to define the level of security they should expect and then we work with their vendors to see that those expectations are met."

451 Research's report explores;

  • The importance of understanding the security quality of your software supply chain
  • The services Veracode offers to manage software supply chain risk
  • A SWOT analysis of Veracode's VAST Program

Says Wendy Nather, research director, security at 451 Research, on the VAST Program “If Veracode reaches critical mass with this third-party-attestation service, it could slip in as an application security standard where currently there are only lists of vulnerabilities. Giving a list of what to do is a lot easier than giving a list of what not to do.”Download the free 451 Research Report here. 

Webinar Announcement - Power to the People: Building Your Third-Party Application Security Program

Join Wendy Nather, Research Director of 451 Research's Enterprise Security Practice, and Chris Wysopal, CTO and Co-Founder of Veracode, as they discuss how the security landscape has altered giving enterprises the power to wield security integrity as a requirement for software purchasing. They will present an achievable reality for how you can craft and implement third-party testing across your organization.

Register for the Power to the People webinar now!

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