The following is a guest blog from Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. National Cyber Security Awareness Month is about everyone doing their part to make sure our online lives are kept safe and secure. The Internet is a shared resource and securing it is our Shared Responsibility. So what does this entail? It means taking time to STOP. THINK. CONNECT. Take security measures, understand the potential consequences of your actions and behaviors and enjoy the benefits of the Internet. It also means:

  • Keeping a Clean Machine and making sure your devices are malware- free and have updated software, web browsers and operating system.
  • Owning Your Online Presence by setting security and privacy settings on websites to your comfort level for information sharing.
  • Throwing out Suspicious Links in emails, advertisements, social media posts and other communications.
  • Being a Good Digital Citizen and posting only about others as you would have them post about you.

These are easy ways you can make a difference and help make the Internet safer and more secure for all. You can also get involved in National Cyber Security Awareness Month. We have ways for you to show your support, whether you have 5 minutes or an entire day to spare. Here are some ideas: Post online safety tips and reminders about National Cyber Security Awareness Month on your social networks. Use the hashtag #NCSAM on Twitter. (Download prewritten status updates at Hold a “family conference” to discuss how each member of the family can help to make their personal computer and other online devices safe from cyberattacks. Read through and discuss the suggestions from the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. tip sheet. (Download at Add the following signature line to the bottom of all your emails, “October 2012 is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Let’s make our online lives safer and more secure! Check out details at” We have specific ways teachers, schools, businesses, libraries, local government, community groups, law enforcement and religious-based groups can get involved in National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Visit for more information. We’ll also be holding NCSAM events across the country throughout October and have weekly Twitter chats with our partner, STOP. THINK. CONNECT. You can learn more about National Cyber Security Awareness Month here: Stay Safe Online, Michael Kaiser National Cyber Security Alliance Executive Director

Neil is a Marketing Technologist working on the Content and Corporate teams at Veracode. He currently focuses on Developer Awareness through strategic content creation. In his spare time you'll find him doting over his lovely wife and daughter. He is a Co-Owner of CrossFit Amoskeag in Bedford NH, his favorite topic is artificial intelligence, and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza.

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