Passwords: Your Attempts Are Futile

In my 15 year history of being online I don't believe I've ever had one of my accounts hacked. Clearly I know how to construct a secure password or perhaps more likely I've just never really been important or unlucky enough to be hacked. Count how many password variations you use for your many accounts across the web, is it around 6 or 7? Then congratulations you're perfectly average. I can't lie, I was a bit stunned by my own predictability while reading this article and I'm revamping my password strategies as we speak.
Why passwords have never been weaker — and crackers have never been stronger

Pentagon Steps Up and Takes Cyber Warfare Seriously

With Plan...X. You'd think they might have put an extra minute in to come up with a more original name but maybe that'll take shape in the future when the tech itself is defined. As for now cyber spending is up by a large chunk and it seems that trend is likely to continue into 2013. Check out the article from nextgov for all the details.
Pentagon to Bolster Networks and Cyberattack Capabilities With ‘Plan X’

What's REALLY Making Your Phone the Slowest Device on Earth

Dark Reading does it again with this insightful list of the "most prolific and complex mobile malware threats" in 2012. The list includes threats like SMSZombie, NotCompatible and LuckyCat. Timely as always click through to see the full list of 2012's deadliest mobile threats.
Top 5 Deadliest Mobile Malware Threats Of 2012

For the lulz

Everyone needs something to smile at on Fridays. A short while ago Twitter user @aloria launched this tumblr blog posting silly gifs of infosec reactions. These types of tumblrs are all the rage lately if you hadn't noticed but obviously anything infosec hits home for many of the people here at Veracode. Can you find the submission from one of our Veracoders?
Infosec Reactions

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