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July 25, 2012

Christien Rioux: Speaking at Black Hat Briefings USA 2012


I'll be speaking at Black Hat Briefings in Las Vegas this year, on "Lessons Of Static Binary Analysis". The talk will be a two hour intensive workshop covering the details of binary transformation that make Veracode possible.

The topics will range from an introduction to decompilation theory, to the details of how to build an effective intermediate structural model. We'll be covering control flow and data flow analysis and transformation, and you'll come away from the talk with an understanding of how variable lifetimes are assessed, procedure arguments and returns discovered, and how to determine the targets of indirect jumps and calls.

The talk is aimed toward both 'reverse engineers' that want to take a step toward automating what they do, as well as 'compiler jocks' and 'language lawyers' that are curious about the binary modeling process and how it is possible to make it accurate and complete.

Rumor has it, I will be giving a demo of our transformation pipeline at the end, so you can see everything work first hand.

Workshop Details
“Lessons of Binary Analysis”
Thursday, July 26 - 10:15am [Part 1] & 11:45am [Part 2]
Session Description on Blackhat Website

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