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June 18, 2012

Who Would Win a Programming Olympics?

Congratulations to Fergal Glynn for having a guest post featured on Business 2 Community.

In this humorous post Fergal discusses what would happen if programming was an Olympic event. He considers a mock programming competition between the United States and the European Union. Fergal scores the two teams in a three round application security themed event.

In Round 1 Fergal crunches the numbers from Veracode's data to see which side of the Atlantic produces applications with the fewest number of flaws per MB. The EU takes an early lead, easily beating the US with much fewer flaws.

Round 2 sees a comparison of security practices. This round sees a close competition between the two teams, but in the end the US just edge it to level up the competition with just one round remaining.

The final round analyses the rules and regulations the EU and US play to in their programming efforts. The EU scores plenty of points having adopted the EU Software Regulations, while the US team suffers for not having centralized data or security legislation. The EU takes this round and wins the bragging rights of winning the first programming Olympics!

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