Hi everyone, today we present an opinion piece from Ed Jones of Firebrand Training. In this post Ed discusses the "Flame" virus. I hope you enjoy this quick read!

Viruses have plagued the internet for decades – each with a unique threat. From harmless pranks that flip your screen or shut down your PC, to complex worms that corrupt your files and render your operating system useless. As computers get more powerful, so do the viruses. The resourceful hacker will always find new ways to try to get to your data - and make money from it.

The Flame burns

Ed awards virus of the year so far to "Flame". According to Ed, "Flame is a complex attack tool that targets specific data, steals it and sends it back to the hacker. Flame specifically has a taste for government-related data".
Although it’s currently grabbing all of the headlines, in Ed's opinion, "Flame really isn’t all that revolutionary. It’s another in a long line of "automated trojans" that have been pouncing on the unsuspecting web user for years."

So why is Flame so hot?

Ed states that it's because it is automated. A hacker simply needs to send the trojan to a handful of email addresses, and it does the rest itself. The trojan will automatically be sent to the victim’s mail and IM contacts, recently-visited web sites and even USB drives.
But don’t panic. Like all malware, if it can be detected, it can be cleaned. Flame has been detected, so now there’s a fix for it. The reason it’s scary is because of what it can do: take screenshots, log keystrokes, stream audio.
To protect yourself keep your IT security applications enabled and up to date.

Thanks to www.firebrandtraining.co.uk for the post. Ed and Veracode would like to hear what you have to say about the "Flame" virus. Let us know in the comment section.

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