This is the second segment of our interview series featuring Josh Corman at SOURCE Boston 2012. In this video Josh discusses the current level of appsec awareness and offers appsec strategy recommendations for enterprises. The video and a brief overview of Josh’s responses are below. Part one of the interview was released on Monday and can be seen here. Stay tuned for part three!

2011 and its effect on security awareness within organizations

Josh offers his take on the outbreak of cyber attacks and breaches in 2011 and the effect the year had on security awareness amongst enterprises. He describes the new types of attackers and attacks that surfaced throughout the year as well as the current favorite target of attackers: the application layer. Josh uses the disparity in security spend versus the amount of attacks against the application layer to emphasize the need for organizations to begin investing in protecting this highly targeted security layer.

Chasing Fewer Rabbits

Josh advises companies to "work smarter, not harder" in their efforts to defend against the most commonly occurring attacks. He also explains the struggles that companies experience in trying to stay secure as their dependence on new software grows. Josh concludes by emphasizing the need for companies to keep up with the increasing security threat.

Nate joined Veracode as a marketing specialist in early 2012. He is one of Veracode’s first co-ops from Northeastern University, where he is majoring in entrepreneurship and new venture management while minoring in music. He has various responsibilities at Veracode, including blogging, SEO, and infographic design.

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