One of Veracode’s own posts has been making headlines recently - Mark Kriegsman’s AdiOS utility. AdiOS is being featured by a large number of popular news sources. Mark created a great video about this free app - check it out here If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out the video game (Veracode Defender) we made to promote some of the recent changes we made to our reports. With tax season upon us, "Tax Season = Tax Scams, Prepare yourself," by Stefanie Hoffman at the Fortinet Security blog uncovers some of the tactics and social engineering methods scammers are using to capture personal information, such as false emails to collect information and install malware, impersonating the IRS website, and even fielding fake phone calls.

In hacker news, the Sophos Naked Security Blog recently published an article by Graham Cluley in which the Police say they have arrested four suspected Anonymous hactivists in Madrid and Malaga. The four suspects are said to be involved in attacks on Spanish political parties, companies, and the Spanish Police force. Not only were these sites taken down by DDoS attacks, but some also experienced vandalism and stolen information. Maria Korolov authored an article for Internet Evolution titled "The Cost of Data Breaches is Getting Higher." In it, she explains how the cost of breaches are becoming higher for companies due to customer lawsuits and upcoming government penalties, such as a Texas law that will require companies that conduct business within its borders to notify all effected customers if a breach takes place – or face fines of up to $250,000. At this week’s RSA Conference in San Francisco, CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince shared the story of the battle between the government and hackivist group LulzSec fought on CloudFlare territory, and Stacy Cowley of CNN Money Tech has all the details. In June, the LulzSec site was the target of a DDoS attack launched by another group of hackers. To protect themselves, LulzSec signed up for CloudFlare, a website optimization and protection service. CloudFlare was able to gain a unique perspective on the attacks that the hackers themselves undergo.

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