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February 9, 2012

The Sad Story of Mr. Fails!

As you know, we love Security Testing! But there is a whole other world of software testing out there – functional, black box, white box, integration, unit, you know what I mean... One of my favorite resources on software testing is the Software Testing Club. They have a great blog, a quarterly printed publication called THE TESTING PLANET (Chris Wysopal was featured in the last iteration), and a very active community.

Introducing Mr Fails

mr-fails-pic   I recently came across a very entertaining Software Testing Club eBook that will make the tester in you laugh out loud! This is the sad story of Mr Fails. Mr Fails had a problem in that whenever he touched any electronic equipment it would fail or break. As you can imagine, this made Mr Fails feel useless. He couldn’t do very much without anything breaking. For example, when ever he tried to buy a can of pop (soda) from a vending machine, the machine would swallow his money and report an error for no apparent reason. Read the full eBook here. Mr Fails, Veracode, and the Software Testing Club would love to get your feedback.

Fergal Glynn joined Veracode in 2008. Fergal is currently responsible for lead generation activities including content marketing, blogging, search engine optimization, webinar marketing, social media, and optimizing the marketing and sales funnel. Fergal spent his first two years at Veracode as a Product Manager.

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