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December 8, 2011

Meet Veracode's New CEO - Bob Brennan

We recently sat down with Veracode's new CEO, Bob Brennan to ask him some questions during his second week on the job. Bob discussed the importance of what Veracode does and how that was instrumental in his decision to join Veracode, and his views on building a productive work environment. He also answered some personal questions about his hobbies and the book he’s reading right now.

Veracode: You must have evaluated numerous other opportunities, what initially attracted you to Veracode?

Bob Brennan: Veracode is focused on making the world’s software more secure. This is a big idea, and Veracode has the chance to be a big company. Being a part of Veracode gives me an opportunity to be part of this, part of a company that is tackling big problems in a really big way.

Veracode: What makes you excited to be at Veracode?

Bob Brennan: Everyone at Veracode is passionate about making software more secure and there is certainty amongst us that we have the best technology to do this. I’m impressed with our customers who are appreciative of what we do for them and advocate on our behalf.

Veracode: Where do you see Veracode in 5 years?

Bob Brennan: In 5 years, we expect Veracode to become the most trusted brand in the security space. Veracode should be known for its expertise around software security and as a company with an exceptionally reliable and profitable business model.

Veracode: How will your experience at Iron Mountain translate at Veracode?

Bob Brennan: The last 12 years of my career has been with companies focused on data protection. Connected was an early stage growth company like Veracode, and Iron Mountain is an S&P 500 company. Veracode has the potential to go from an early stage growth company into the ranks of the S&P 500.

Veracode: Is the plan to take Veracode public?

Bob Brennan: The plan is to grow revenue and profit perpetually, which at some point would mean taking the company public. Going public is merely a step in our journey, an early step.

Veracode: Can you tell us a bit about your approach to leadership and the kind of work culture you strive to embed at organizations you work in?

Bob Brennan: Veracode has begun to build a brand of trust. To be the most trusted brand, by definition, we need to build a culture based on trust. Trust is a function of competence, reliability, intimacy and lack of self-interest. If we have an increasingly trusting culture, it will be a safe environment for people to take risks and be more innovative.

Veracode: What interests do you have outside work?

Bob Brennan: I have a great circle of friends. My best friend is my wife, and I am very close to my extended family and like spending time with them. I am a voracious reader, and I particularly enjoy reading books on psychology - I’m reading David Brooks’ latest release The Social Animal right now. I like to golf and go fishing, but I’m not good at either, which is probably good for the fish.

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Niru Raghavan joined the Veracode team in late 2011 as an Acquisition Marketing Manager. In this role, Niru is responsible for demand generation and program management primarily for online marketing programs. Prior to joining Veracode, Niru held positions of increasing responsibility at Liberty Mutual and Staples, successfully planning and implementing sophisticated online and offline marketing initiatives. She has managed product development efforts, launch activities and online marketing programs geared toward mid to large sized businesses in select vertical markets. Her specialties include product marketing, marketing strategy, and market research/analysis. She is also a keen web analytics enthusiast and Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik is her all time favorite blog.

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