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November 15, 2011

Putting Trust in Software Code

Seven years ago when we were first embarking on the mission of making static analysis useable, scalable, and able to operate without access to source code, automated static binary analysis was a new concept. There were human operated disassemblers, but the ability to do large scale, highly repeatable static binary analysis was an unknown. At Veracode we have demonstrated that this is now possible. We have already analyzed billions of lines of code that makes up well over ten thousand applications.

So today I am going to crank up the wayback machine and look to some of the original concepts of the binary analysis vision which we are still working on today. I wrote the following for USENIX's :login; Magazine in 2004.

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Chris Wysopal, co-founder and CTO of Veracode, is recognized as an expert and a well-known speaker in the information security field. He has given keynotes at computer security events and has testified on Capitol Hill on the subjects of government computer security and how vulnerabilities are discovered in software. His opinions on Internet security are highly sought after and most major print and media outlets have featured stories on Mr. Wysopal and his work. At Veracode, Mr. Wysopal is responsible for the security analysis capabilities of Veracode technology.

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