Microsoft Fixes 8-year Old Design Flaw in SMB

Christien Rioux By Christien Rioux
November 12, 2008

With regard to the recent Patch Tuesday fix, there has been an issue fixed regarding NTLM Relaying, that has been around for more than eight years.

In 2000, I wrote an advisory about NTLM relaying (CVE-2000-0834). The problem turned out to be significantly larger than I originally suggested in the advisory. The attack extended to other NTLM-based authentications on other protocols and allowed general-purpose credential theft via a man-in-the-middle attack.

The SMBRelay tool was published in 2001 by Sir Dystic of Cult Of The Dead Cow, and that really took it to the next level. The protocol completely fell apart. It kicked off a number of other analyses of the NTLM protocol that finally resulted in this patch. Eight years after it's discovery.

At least they got around to it. Thanks!

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