Here's the rest of my list:

10:00-11:00 FX, Developments in Cisco IOS Forensics.

11:15-12:30 Oliver Friedrichs, Threats to the 2008 Presidential Election (and more).

13:45-15:00 Option 1: Scott Stender, Concurrency Attacks in Web Applications. Option 2: Travis Goodspeed, Side-channel Timing Attacks on MSP430 Microcontroller Firmware.

15:15-16:30 Option 1: Alexander Sotirov and Mark Dowd, How To Impress Girls With Browser Memory Protection Bypasses. Option 2: Karsten Nohl, Mifare - Little Security, Despite Obscurity. This is one of the toughest time slots as you also have McFeters/Carter/Heasman and Grossman/Evans in the lineup. Choices, choices.

16:45-18:00 Option 1: Bruce Dang, Methods for Understanding Targeted Attacks with Office Documents. Option 2: Christopher Tarnovsky, Inducing Momentary Faults Within Secure Smartcards/Microcontrollers.

Lots of intriguing hardware talks on Day 2. A lot of it is probably over my head and my first options are more applicable to my day job. There might have to be some room hopping.

I fly out to Vegas tonight -- see you all there!

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