Recently an executive at HP claimed that his company now employs 9 out of the top 11 security people due to HP's acquisition of SPI Dynamics:

"Nine out of the world's top 11 security hackers came to HP through the SPI Dynamics acquisition, he boasts, although it's not immediately clear who ranked those top 11." - Mark Potts, CTO of Software, Hewlett-Packard

Now eWeek has produced a list of the 15 most influential people in security today. Here is the quick non-multimedia version:

  1. Tavis Ormandy, Google Security Team
  2. Ivan Krstic, One Laptop Per Child
  3. Chris Paget, IOActive
  4. Bunnie Huang, Bunnie Studios
  5. Michal Zalewski, Google
  6. Window Snyder
  7. The MOAB Hackers
  8. Dino Dai Zovi
  9. Michael Howard, Microsoft
  10. HD Moore, Metasploit
  11. Dave Aitel, Immunity
  12. Bronwen Matthews, Microsoft
  13. John Pescatore, Gartner
  14. Rob Thomas and Team Cymru
  15. Stefan Esser, Hardened PHP Project

  I don't see any SPI Dynamics or HP people on this arguably less biased list. I do see 3 of my former collegues from @stake: Dave Aitel, Dino Dai Zovi, and Window Snyder. Seeing that giants Microsoft and Google only got 2 each on the list and @stake has 3 it lends credence that @stake was the place to be for hard core security people. Wikipedia has a nice large list of computer security specialists.

Chris Wysopal, co-founder and CTO of Veracode, is recognized as an expert and a well-known speaker in the information security field. He has given keynotes at computer security events and has testified on Capitol Hill on the subjects of government computer security and how vulnerabilities are discovered in software. His opinions on Internet security are highly sought after and most major print and media outlets have featured stories on Mr. Wysopal and his work. At Veracode, Mr. Wysopal is responsible for the security analysis capabilities of Veracode technology.

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