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Veracode president and CEO, Matt Moynahan, was featured yesterday in a podcast interview with IT security expert Dan Sullivan on automated vulnerability analysis as a service.

In the podcast, Matt answers questions on automated application vulnerability analysis – offered as an outsourced service. And he discusses why companies are looking for solutions that use multiple testing techniques, including Web application scanning and static binary analysis, to provide more comprehensive security reviews.

Here's the description from the site:

Automated vulnerability assessment can complement manual efforts to find and correct vulnerabilities in application code. In this podcast, Matt Moynahan, CEO of Veracode, discusses key issues in vulnerability testing, including:

    • What is the process of automated application vulnerability analysis? What are the pros and cons?
    • What types of application vulnerabilities can be detected with automated analysis as a service?
    • When analyzing application vulnerabilities, is static analysis sufficient to detect vulnerabilities or are behavior-based techniques required as well?
    • Many developers are familiar with cross-site scripting and injection attacks, are there others you commonly see when you conduct security reviews?


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