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As a developer, you have the best of intentions to write secure software, but you’re not set up for success. None of the top 10 U.S. universities require computer science students to take a cybersecurity class. Even most application security vendors leave you stranded: They hand you a tool and wish you good luck. The typical technical support only helps with fixing deployment issues and bugs, not remediating vulnerabilities. It’s no wonder that frustration between security and development is growing as fast as your security technical debt.

None of the top 10 computer science universities require students to take a cybersecurity class for their degree in computer science.

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Veracode Technical Support helps you integrate with your team’s SDLC so you can scan and remediate from day one – literally. Schedule one-on-one coaching sessions to talk to our application security consultants, who have backgrounds in development, and who help you navigate your particular vulnerability. Companies using these services fix 2.5x more flaws – that’s real progress. Even better, you will use this learning to write more secure code faster in the future. Veracode’s application security consultants also work with you to prioritize remediation efforts and provide context around fixes, so you can easily see which applications pass your requirements, which ones don’t, and why.

Remediate vulnerabilities faster with coaching from other developers

If you are a developer without a formal background in application security, it can be tough to understand the specifics of a vulnerability and how to remediate it. While many application security solutions will provide developers with lists of vulnerabilities and no actionable results, with Veracode Technical Support, you can request the help of Veracode consultants who have both development and application security backgrounds to help you understand a particular vulnerability and how to address it. With this knowledge, you’ll remediate vulnerabilities faster and avoid introducing the same vulnerability next time.

Prioritize fixes and strategically reduce risk

The first time you scan, the number of flaws and vulnerabilities you find can be daunting. Veracode technical support will help you to prioritize fixes, so you know that you’re addressing your application security in a strategic way that effectively minimizes risk, so you can be on the road to compliance.

For applications that used Veracode services, the development team fixed more than 2.5x the average number of flaws per megabyte.

Integrate the Veracode Platform directly into your SDLC

Instead of changing your development processes, the Veracode Application Security Platform integrates directly with your software development lifecycle (SDLC) to automate most processes. Veracode offers a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations with IDEs, build servers and bug tracking systems, and supports custom integrations through APIs. Veracode Technical Support works with you to configure these integrations, enabling you to code, assess and fix vulnerabilities faster.

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