A smarter safer social sharing plugin

What it does 

Our smart social sharing widget allows users to share your content across four popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google +. It also includes an email share function for your socially disinclined peers. The widget will also display how many shares there have been for each network on your website page.

Social sharing helps your content reach a wider audience and plays an integral part in many search engine ranking algorithms.

Our widget comes in two styles, as a small horizontal share bar and a scrolling sidebar. Both are visible on this page. The horizontal share bar employs html and css, while the scrolling sidebar requires a small jQuery script.

Why we like It

There are many social sharing widgets and plugins around the internet, and while ours doesn't add anything new in terms of functionality, you won't find another that puts your security and privacy first.

Our social sharing widget has been pared down to the basics. It does not contain additional tracking scripts or superfluous design options. It's small, simple and lightweight.

Many social sharing widgets come packaged up as plugins, ours however, is meant to be added directly to your code, limiting the potential risk for vulnerabilities arising while keeping the widget and its content transparent.

Note: While our widget provides a higher level of security than alternatives it's functionality still relies on third-party APIs from Linkedin and Google. If a vulnerability is exposed in their API, it will be present in this widget as well. In addition, we took the iFrame implementation for "Facebook" "Twitter" as this implementation isolates third-party content. We have customized the "Like" and "Tweet" button's behavior using query string parameters.

Installation instructions

1. SmartShare sidebar on your website or webpage:

  1. Download the social sidebar package, insert the following code into the <head> of your web page after the meta title tag and below your other css documents to link to smartshare_sidebar_css.css:
  2. Insert this code into the Body section of your web page after the meta title tag with your other javascript documents:
  3. Insert this code into your web page within the main content area (download package has examples) be sure it’s before the closing of <body> tag:
  4. You should change the "YOUR_URL" in the code above to your page URL.
  5. Save your webpage and you are all set for social sharing.

Download the secure social sharing package if you want to edit and customize it. You can edit the html, css, javascript and images as you wish. Don't forget to change the css path and image paths accordingly.

2. Horizontal small SmartShare bar:

  1. Copy the styling below to your existing stylesheet : 
  2. Insert this code to the top of main content or in the footer of your website (where you would like the share bar to appear) 
  3. You should change the "YOUR_URL" in the code above to your page URL.
  4. Save your webpage and you are all set for social sharing.

3. SmartShare Sidebar for WordPress without installing a plugin:

In only 2 easy steps you can have a social sharing sidebar up and running on your WordPress blog.

  1. Copy the styling below to your Style-sheet (style.css) (Appearance -> Editor):
  2. Insert this code into Single Post (single.php) (Appearance -> Editor):
  3. Don't forget to save each file once you've added your code!

Thanks for checking out our social sharing widget

If you've enjoyed this widget, please share it!

If you have difficulty installing please send us an email at, we would be happy to help you troubleshoot issues.



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