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Add Security to Your DevOps Process and Reduce Cost to Fix

CA Veracode GreenlightCompanies are facing pressure to release software faster, often at the expense of security. To keep up with this rapid pace of innovation, development teams are moving toward processes like Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD - testing and releasing code more frequently. Traditional application security practices find security issues late in the SDLC where they are expensive and time consuming to fix and delay time to market. Application security testing must adapt to these new processes by enabling you to test early and often in the development lifecycle and to quickly understand and remediate security findings. Unlike traditional static analysis tools, CA Veracode Greenlight scans early in your SDLC within seconds, which reduces cost 3x when compared to testing in QA.

Most CA Veracode Greenlight scans complete in under 10 seconds.

CA Veracode Greenlight finds security defects in your code and provides contextual remediation advice to help you fix issues in seconds, right in your IDE. Leveraging our proven, and highly accurate static engine, CA Veracode Greenlight offers immediate results and scales to your needs. Just roll out the plug-in in your IDE and start scanning Java and C# on Eclipse, IntelliJ and Visual Studio for instant feedback on security vulnerabilities. You do not need to provision any servers or tune the engine. It simply scans in the background and provides accurate and actionable results, without taking up resources on your machine. With CA Veracode Greenlight, find issues early, reduce development and remediation costs, and release your code on time – at the speed of DevOps. Get the free trial today to see how CA Veracode Greenlight can seamlessly improve your application’s security posture as you develop.

Get security feedback in seconds – in the privacy of your IDE

Nobody writes perfect code the first time around, so CA Veracode enables you to test your code easily and quickly within your normal development workflow. Simply install a plug-in to your IDE and use CA Veracode Greenlight to get secure coding feedback in seconds, privately in your IDE, so you can fix issues while you’re still developing. Because CA Veracode Greenlight was built using CA Veracode’s proven static analysis engine that has analyzed over 5 trillion lines of code, you’ll benefit from high accuracy and very low false positives.

Fix flaws earlier and learn to write secure code

CA Veracode Greenlight provides immediate feedback as soon as a flaw is introduced and contextual remediation advice to help you quickly fix the issue. You’ll even receive positive feedback when you’ve taken active steps to secure your application. You can rescan in seconds to ensure the flaw no longer exists, so you can actively learn while you’re coding and introduce fewer defects going forward. CA Veracode Greenlight scans passively in the background, without taking up resources on your machine.

Teams that address security at every stage of the process spend 50% less time remediating security issues, according to the Puppet State of DevOps Report.

Get started easily without provisioning servers or tweaking rules

Other secure DevOps solutions require you to provision and maintain your own servers. If you want a high-availability or scalable solution, things get complicated fast – or you’re stuck in line in a single-scan queue. You’ll have to tweak rules to bring down the false positive rate for every application. CA Veracode Greenlight makes your life easy because it scans code through the CA Veracode Static Analysis engine, which has improved its accuracy with every one of the 5 trillion lines of code scanned so far – no rule tweaking required. Because the CA Veracode Platform is SaaS-based, it scales up to your needs without your having to provision and maintain any servers.

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Use a platform that works for both development, security, and operations

Application security is a problem that affects the entire software development lifecycle and stakeholders throughout your organization. While CA Veracode Greenlight helps developers by scanning smaller units of code while they write it, CA Veracode Static Analysis provides security with the assurance they need to prove the application is free of defects. Unlike solutions that use different engines for testing at different development stages, CA Veracode Greenlight and CA Veracode Static Analysis are based on the same time-tested engine, giving you much more consistent and accurate results and enabling applications to pass compliance much faster. Used together, the two products provide the only end-to-end application security offering that meets the security, speed, and usability needs of development and security teams.

CA Veracode also provides on-demand developer training, web application scanning, open source software composition analysis, runtime protection, and manual penetration testing.

If you want to find security defects earlier in your SDLC to reduce costs and hit your development deadlines, contact us to get a demo of CA Veracode Greenlight.

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