Press Release May 28 2015

NYSE and Veracode Reveal Surprising Results from Board Cybersecurity Survey

Cybersecurity has clearly become an important board-level priority, with more than 80 percent of respondents reporting that cybersecurity is discussed at most or all boardroom meetings. At the same time, a surprising 66 percent are not fully confident their companies are properly secured against cyberattacks.

Press Release May 22 2015

Veracode Introduces IAST for Enhanced Risk Reduction in DevOps and Agile Environments

Veracode is partnering with Contrast Security to deliver IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing) as an automated cloud-based service. By dynamically instrumenting application behavior in real-time, from within the running application, IAST is designed to give enterprises an additional way to rapidly and accurately reduce risk earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), especially in DevOps and Agile environments.
Veracode is continuously broadening its open and extensible platform by integrating innovative technologies developed in-house as well as by its technology partners. By delivering a broad range of technologies on a single cloud-based platform with centralized policies, metrics and analytics, Veracode’s unified approach reduces complexity and provides a more scalable solution for reducing application-layer risk across global software infrastructures.

Press Release Apr 27 2015

62 Percent of Web and Mobile Applications Are Never Assessed for Critical Vulnerabilities by German Enterprises

IDG study reveals that lack of visibility into application-layer risk is consistent across US, UK and German firms

Press Release Apr 07 2015

Veracode Study Reveals the Internet of Things Poses Cybersecurity Risk

Veracode’s security team probed and monitored a set of always-on, consumer IoT devices, plus their associated mobile applications and cloud services, to understand the impact of each product’s data security and privacy posture. The results show vulnerabilities within these devices to be a potential pathway for robbery, theft of sensitive data or even stalking.

Press Release Mar 11 2015

Average Large Enterprise Has More Than 2,000 Unsafe Mobile Apps Installed on Employee Devices

Mobile enterprise environments increasingly targeted by embedded spyware, adware and back-doors, according to analytics from Veracode’s cloud-based security platform

Press Release Feb 05 2015

Vulnerable GHOST Function Called by 41 Percent of Applications Using Standard C Library

80 percent of vulnerable applications rated as highly business-critical, according to analytics from Veracode’s cloud-based security platform

Press Release Dec 24 2014

Veracode Named a Leader in Application Security by Independent Research Firm

Evaluation cites “unified cloud-based security SAST and DAST platform” with “a customer-centric approach to integration into the greater development workflow”

Press Release Dec 17 2014

Veracode Honored as BostInno “50 on Fire” Finalist

Veracode has been selected as a finalist for BostInno’s 50 on Fire awards, an annual celebration of the 50 most luminary organizations driving innovation in Boston and beyond. Veracode joins other innovators including HubSpot, Acquia and Actifio.

Press Release Nov 18 2014

Veracode CISO to Speak at Argyle CISO Leadership Forum

Chris Wysopal, Veracode’s co-founder, CTO and CISO will be a panelist for the segment “IT Transformation is the New Normal” at the annual Argyle CISO Leadership Forum. The conference will discuss best practices for security organizations to help drive the business forward.

Press Release Nov 12 2014

Veracode to Speak at Bloomberg Government Event: “The Digital Trust: The Technology of Trust”

Chris Wysopal, Veracode’s co-founder, CTO and CISO will be a panelist for the discussion “The Digital Trust: The Technology of Trust,” a Bloomberg Government event on Thursday, November 13th. Produced in partnership with Visa, the discussion will address the notion that the digital economy is built on trust: that transactions are protected from fraud and crime, and that personal, business, and government data are used appropriately and stored securely.

Press Release Oct 22 2014

Open Source and Third-Party Components Embed 24 Known Vulnerabilities into Every Web Application on Average

Veracode introduces new cloud-based service that reduces enterprise risk via centralized, automated component governance

Press Release Jun 17 2014

Boeing to Present How to Reduce Third-Party Software Risk at Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

John Martin, COTS Security program manager for The Boeing Company, will present “The Boeing Case Study: How to Secure the Software Supply Chain” on Tuesday, June 24th at 2:45pm at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit. During this presentation, Martin will outline the steps Boeing took to implement a governance program for assessing the security of its third-party applications.

Press Release Jun 17 2014

IDG Study Reveals That 63 Percent of Web, Mobile and Legacy Applications Are Not Assessed for Security Vulnerabilities

Research conducted by IDG revealed that 63 percent of enterprise applications are not assessed for security vulnerabilities. The reason the majority of these applications go untested is because securing web, mobile and third-party applications can be an inhibitor to getting these solutions market quickly – especially when using the traditional on-premises approach to application security.