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In the News Mar 09 2017 Infosecurity Magazine

Apache Struts 2 Puts 1000s of Web Apps at Risk

Researchers have uncovered hackers actively exploiting a code-execution bug residing in thge Apache Struts 2 web application framework - potentially affecting tens of thousands of applications throughout the internet. Veracode CTO and co-founder Chris Wysopal, who dubbed the flaw Struts-Shock, noted that this type of coding problem can have vast consequences. The extensive use of components can cause a vulnerability to become widespread. What once would have been isolated to a single application, now can impact tens of thousands of applications. 

In the News Mar 07 2017 Axios

CA is buying Veracode for $614 million

"CA Technologies, a company focused on digital transformation of businesses, yesterday announced that it will acquire Veracode, a Burlington, Mass.-based provider of application security solutions, for $614 million in cash." - Dan Primack

In the News Mar 07 2017 Xconomy

With Sale to CA Technologies, Veracode Will "Cast Longer Shadow"

“The shortlist of Boston-area tech companies on deck for an initial public offering got shorter after Monday’s announcement that Veracode has agreed to be sold to CA Technologies for $614 million in cash. The 11-year-old Veracode, which helps businesses secure and test their software applications, had raised around $150 million in venture capital, according to a spokeswoman. The company seemed like it was on an IPO path for the past couple of years. “It very much was an option,” says Veracode CEO Bob Brennan” - Jeff Engel

In the News Mar 07 2017 ZDNet

CA Technologies acquires Veracode

“CA Technologies on Monday announced it's acquiring Veracode, a SaaS-based secure devOps platform provider, for approximately $614 million in cash. The deal is expected to close in Q1 of fiscal year 2018. The acquisition, CA Technologies said, should help unify its security and its devOps portfolios, giving customers a platform to allows them to integrate security directly into software development.” - Stephanie Condon

In the News Feb 23 2017 The Christian Science Monitor

The rise of the chief digital officer and six other takeaways from RSA 2017

Rapid technological change and the growing professionalism of cybercriminals drives businesses to get more sophisticated about their digital security. To discuss these trends, Passcode and Highwire PR gathered seven security industry experts on the sidelines of the RSA conference in San Francisco. 

In the News Feb 17 2017 PCWorld

Here’s how the US government can bolster cybersecurity

Almost 20 years ago, Chris Wysopal (@WeldPond) was among a group of hackers who testified before U.S. Congress, warning it about the dangers of the internet. Unfortunately, the U.S. government is still struggling to act, he said. "You’re just going to keep ending up with the status quo," he said, pointing to the U.S. government's failure to regulate the tech industry or incentivize any change. It’s a feeling that was shared by the experts who attended this week’s RSA cybersecurity show. - Micahel Kan

In the News Feb 16 2017 PCWorld

Experts at RSA give their best cybersecurity advice

The top vendors from across the industry are here, showing products for fighing ransomware, preventing data breaches and more. But even the security software is useless if users and businesses aren’t taking the right steps to protect themselves. So we asked experts at the show for their best cybersecurity tips. - Michael Kan

In the News Feb 15 2017 Dark Reading

Veracode Tackles App Sec & The Pace Of DevOps


At the RSA Conference, Pete Chestna, Director of Developer Engagement at Veracode, discusses the persistent challenges of both continuous delivery and relentless attacks on the application layer. - Micahel Krieger

In the News Feb 14 2017 Infosecurity

RSAC: Interview: Chris Wysopal, CTO & Co-Founder, Veracode

Live on RSACTV at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Infosecurity Magazine interviewed Chris Wysopal (@WeldPond), CTO and co-founder of Veracode, about the evolution and future of the infosec industry.

In the News Feb 13 2017 Dark Reading

National Security, Regulation, Identity Top Themes At Cloud Security Alliance Summit

RSA CONFERENCE -- San Francisco – While deep conversations about DNS infrastructure and Dyn DDoSes were absent, the most popular refrains at today’s Cloud Security Alliance Summit here were related instead to regulation, identity, and how to use the cloud to improve security. Keynote speaker Gen. Keith Alexander (ret.) -- who served as the first commander of the US Cyber Command from 2010 to 2014 and director of the NSA from 2005 to 2014 - proposed a new model for securing government systems. - Sara Peters

In the News Feb 10 2017 GovInfoSecurity

Secure Coding: The Rise of SecDevOps

For too long, ensuring that code is securely written - and bug free - has been a business afterthought. But there's been new hope for building security into the development lifecycle, thanks to the rise of DevOps, aka rugged software, says Chris Wysopal, CTO of the spplication security firm Veracode. DevOps - a truncation of software development and IT operations - incorporates aspects of agile development, including short sprints - perhaps just two weeks in length - that involve planning, designing and implementing new, working software or additional functionality, backed by having customers embedded into the coding team. - Matthew J. Schwartz

Press Release Feb 09 2017

Veracode Appoints International and Channel Executives to Support Rapid Growth of Application Security Market

Tony Caine to Serve as Executive Vice President and General Manager of International Operations, Leslie Bois as Vice President, Global Channel

In the News Feb 01 2017 Data Center Knowledge

Report: Heartbleed remains unpatched on thousands of servers

The Heartbleed Open-SSL flaw remains unpatched on nearly 200,000 servers and devices, according to connected devices search engine Shodan. The company’s Heartbleed's Report, released in January, shows 52,000 Apache HTTPD servers are still vulnerable and exposed to the internet, nearly three years after the vulnerability was disclosed and fixes released in April 2014. - Chris Burt

In the News Jan 30 2017 IT Knowledge Exchange Blogs

Veracode slaps ‘flaw flagger’ into developer toolchain

Software application development focused security and code quality firm Veracode has named its latest product offering Greenlight. The product aims to promote security higher up in the software development lifecycle. - Adrian Bridgewater

Press Release Jan 25 2017

Veracode Greenlight Lets Software Developers Spot Security Defects in Seconds, Without Ever Leaving Their Development Environments

New solution enables secure coding to be achieved at the speeds needed for DevOps and high-velocity software development.

In the News Jan 24 2017 MotherBoard

There's Nothing Stopping Trump From Using His Personal Phone

A profile of Donald Trump in the New York Times has confirmed the President still uses "his old, unsecured Android phone, to the protests of some of his aides." According to the report, Trump likes to watch television at night, and often uses his phone to tweet reactions at news programs. - Sarah Emerson

In the News Jan 23 2017 Threatpost

Heartbleed Persists on 200,000 Servers, Devices

Almost 200,000 servers and devices are still vulnerable to Heartbleed, the OpenSSL flaw patched nearly three years ago. The numbers come from search engine Shodan, which released data showing U.S. servers hosted on Amazon AWS are disproportionately vulnerable to the flaw. “There’s a lot to be worried about with this data, but also a lot that’s unsurprising,” said Tim Jarrett senior director of security, Veracode. - Tom Spring

In the News Jan 05 2017 IDG Connect

What will be the single biggest security threat of 2017?

At the very end of 2015 we ran a straw poll of individuals in the security space to determinewhat the single biggest security threat of 2016 would be. We divided the 74 “unstructured” comments into a number of lose sections with “people” emerging as the most popular response. - Kathryn Cave

In the News Dec 23 2016

Report: 50% of Developers Say Security Testing Slows Development

Veracode has released a new Secure Development survey which finds that application security continues to be an issue for enterprise application developers. It found that 40 percent of developers integrate app security at the programming stage of the development lifecycle. 

In the News Dec 20 2016 Information Age

The current state of software security

Veracode have revealed insight from survey of global developers and development managers on the current state of software security. The report, which was released today, underscores the importance of developer-led security in the age of DevOps, and showed that businesses are recognising the importance of securing applications. - Nick Ismail

In the News Dec 20 2016 Dark Reading

Application Security Still Slows Developer Work

The cooperative nature of DevOps software delivery has done a lot to reduce friction between operations staff and developers, but looping security into the greater process still remains a challenge. According to a survey out today from Veracode, over half of developers report that security causes delays in the development process. - Ericka Chickowski

Press Release Dec 20 2016

Global Survey Data Finds 40 Percent of Business are Implementing Security Testing at the Programming Stage

Independent research commissioned by Veracode highlights improvements made in secure development, as well as areas for future improvements in secure application delivery.

In the News Dec 15 2016 Dark Reading

1 Billion Users Exposed In Another Record Breach From Yahoo

Security professionals this week slammed Yahoo for being careless with user information after the company disclosed it was the victim of a malicious intrusion in which data associated with more than one billion user accounts was compromised. The disclosure comes less than three months after Yahoo reported another intrusion in September involving 500 million accounts and has already raised more questions about Verizon Communication Inc.’s pending $4.8 billion acquisition of the company. - Jai Vijayan

Press Release Nov 16 2016

Veracode Empowers Secure DevOps Environments Through Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services Extension

New plug-in allows DevOps teams to rapidly embed security into software development lifecycles.



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