Why You Will Love Working at Veracode

A Culture of Learning

Every week there are learning lunches held at the Veracode offices. We provide the pizza, our awesome employees provide the content. Each week we feature a unique topic that may or may not be related to the work we do here. You might find us talking about our static binary analysis method one week and video games the next. Other topics have included sign language, RFID, poker tells, radio emissions, arduino programming, the internet and many more. If you love to learn, and enjoy free pizza then you’ll fit right in at our weekly lunches.


Hacking is a Virtue

We hold Hackathons not once but twice a year and everyone is encouraged to participate. Our Hackathons are about more than programming and software. They’re about fostering an open, collaborative and creative culture of learning, breaking things and experimentation.

Over the course of these six day celebrations the office takes on a markedly different tone. Lights and decorations cover the office to illustrate new themes planned for every Hackathon. Employees frequent the office at odd hours of the night and huddle spaces are filled with projects.

Our only requirements of Hackathons are that you pursue a project you’ll learn from and that you share what you’ve worked on with the entire company at our Hackathon presentations event.


A New and Exciting Approach to Software Security

Veracode is home to a world class team of security and development professionals. This team of professionals has created a fundamentally different approach to application-layer security, one that’s simpler and more scalable than legacy on-premises approaches.

We believe our technology is the future of application security and we’d love for you to join us in delivering our platform to the world.


Food, Lots of Food

Our employees work incredibly hard to help us realize our vision of safer software. We know this and we do our best to reward them on an ongoing basis. We always keep the kitchen at our offices stocked with a variety of beverages and snacks. Every week we have bundles of fresh fruit brought in and on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…there’s breakfast. Yep, try to contain your excitement.


What Happened to Friday Afternoon?

Every Friday afternoon the entire company waits with bated breath for the email signaling the start of 404. What is 404? Well…you’ll have to come see for yourself, if you can find it.