Vulnerability Disclosure in the new “Software in the Cloud” World - Part II

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By Chris Wysopal January 17, 2007  | Research

In part I of this article I wrote about the history of vulnerability research and how researchers having legal access to the software and hardware they need to conduct their research is a pre-requisite. This is why there was such little research on software before 1996. Not only is legal access important but being able to run the software in a lab environment is important. Pure black box testing... READ MORE

Vulnerability Disclosure in the new “Software in the Cloud” World - Part I

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By Chris Wysopal January 12, 2007

There is no doubt that Web 2.0 is upon us. The software we use everyday is migrating from our desktops, laptops and company servers to the great data centers in the sky. The first application to move to the cloud was e-mail, then picture and file sharing services, and now traditional desktop applications such as calendaring, task lists, spreadsheets and word processing are all available via the... READ MORE

The Dangers of Hosting PDFs

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By Chris Eng January 4, 2007

[Update, 1/6/07: Google has implemented a workaround for this vulnerability on their servers, so the proof-of-concept links in this posting will no longer demonstrate the exploit] Cross-site scripting (XSS) just got a lot scarier. At the 23rd CCC, Stefano Di Paola and Giorgio Fedon announced a new attack vector which basically puts any site hosting a PDF file at risk for XSS. The attacker doesn't... READ MORE

Welcome to "Zero in a Bit"

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By Chris Wysopal January 4, 2007

Zero in a Bit is a blog about software security. We believe the root cause of most of the security problems today is insecure software. The internet is a global neighborhood where every digital miscreant is your next door neighbor. Far too often, software is the broken window allowing criminals access to the data and transactions organization need to protect. Zero in a Bit is laser focused on... READ MORE

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