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We'll walk you through the critical step of integrating security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC). You'll hear from the experts on everything from working with developers, to the best ways to assess code for security and the latest development trends and technologies.

Reading the ENISA Threat Landscape 2014

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By Pierluigi Paganini April 8, 2015

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has published its annual report on the cyberthreat landscape, entitled ENISA Threat Landscape 2014. The document closely examines the evolution of top and emerging threats in 2014. It is considered by the security community to be a valuable analysis of principal threats. The ENISA report provides useful information that could... READ MORE

Charting a New Course for Secure Software Development

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By Joanna Rosenberg March 25, 2015

The landscape of application software development is undergoing rapid transformation. New platforms for server and client, new development tools, new languages, newfound status, and new deployment methodologies mean the already quick pace of change has gotten faster.  In the meantime, developers must learn to chart this new course while building in and maintaining secure coding standards.... READ MORE

Exploit Profile: All About SQL Injection

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By Evan Wade January 26, 2015

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again: SQL injection is no joke. Why the repetition? It's that serious a threat. As the number-one exploit on the OWASP Top 10 list of digital security issues (and one of the easiest attacks to successfully pull off), injection is a major tool for novice scripters and skilled hackers alike. With little more than basic knowledge and a sufficiently... READ MORE

5 Flaws a Secure Agile Development Process Can Help You Avoid

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By John Montesi December 22, 2014  | Secure Development

You know what they say: "Measure twice, cut once." But no matter how often code is considered, measured or tested, there will be problems developers simply forget to account for. It's easy to assume that pulling an API from a trusted site like Facebook means you'll be safe, but, well, you know what happens when you assume. Before you start developing your next product, identify... READ MORE

Secure Agile Development. Think like a Developer.

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By Pete Chestna November 5, 2014

As you lead your organization in securing software development and delivery, you will come across several challenges – despite the recent growth and increased adoption of the agile methodology. Application vulnerabilities and coding issues are typically time-consuming to find, document, and fix with traditional testing tools. Short agile sprints don’t lend themselves to these long processes;... READ MORE

Only You Can Prevent an XSS Attack — Here's How

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By John Montesi October 27, 2014  | Secure Development

preventing-xss-attacks.jpg The only thing worse than guys spouting industry buzzwords at random is guys spouting negative industry buzzwords at random. For every mention of "disruption" and the "Internet of Things," there's also a reference to an "XSS attack" or "Heartbleed" or some other common cybersecurity threat. Despite how common... READ MORE

What Microsoft's Agile Development Plans Mean for Application Security

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By Shawn Drew October 17, 2014  | Secure Development

microsoft-agile-development.jpg Waterfall development has been a staple of technology's largest software houses for decades, but now even the most blue-chip tech firms are considering more nimble approaches. Agile development has proven its power over the past few years, and Microsoft looks to be shifting its development process to take advantage of its benefits — including... READ MORE

Static Testing vs. Dynamic Testing

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By Neil DuPaul December 3, 2013  | Intro to AppSec

​Updated: 7/18/2017 With reports of website vulnerabilities and data breaches regularly featuring in the news, securing the software development life cycle (SDLC) has never been so important. The enterprise must, therefore, choose carefully the correct security techniques to implement. Static and dynamic analyses are two of the most popular types of code security tests. Before implementation... READ MORE

The History of Programming Languages Infographic

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By Neil DuPaul April 15, 2013  | Secure Development 7
History of coding languages.

In a world of increasing inter-connectivity, programming languages form the foundation. Did you know that the first programming language is over 100 years old and was written by a woman, Ada Lovelace? Join as us we delve into the history, evolution, and prevalance of programming languages over the years. In addition to outlining the history of languages and how each is traditionally used, you... READ MORE

Building Secure Web Applications Infographic

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By Neil DuPaul June 5, 2012  | Secure Development

Neglecting to take proper security measures at the application layer is one of the most common causes of data breaches, yet many companies still leave their applications unprotected. Securing your applications begins with developer training on the risks applications face and the methods required for vulnerability prevention. This infographic focuses on defining these risks and combating common... READ MORE

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