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We'll walk you through the critical step of integrating security into the software development lifecycle (SDLC). You'll hear from the experts on everything from working with developers, to the best ways to assess code for security and the latest development trends and technologies.

The History of Programming Languages Infographic

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By Neil DuPaul April 15, 2013  | Secure Development 7
History of coding languages.

In a world of increasing inter-connectivity, programming languages form the foundation. Did you know that the first programming language is over 100 years old and was written by a woman, Ada Lovelace? Join as us we delve into the history, evolution, and prevalance of programming languages over the years. In addition to outlining the history of languages and how each is traditionally used, you... READ MORE

Building Secure Web Applications Infographic

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By Neil DuPaul June 5, 2012  | Secure Development

Neglecting to take proper security measures at the application layer is one of the most common causes of data breaches, yet many companies still leave their applications unprotected. Securing your applications begins with developer training on the risks applications face and the methods required for vulnerability prevention. This infographic focuses on defining these risks and combating common... READ MORE

Safe Coding and Software Security Infographic

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By Niru Raghavan March 7, 2012

The need for secure application coding is greater than ever! This Veracode infographic represents anonymized data from billions of lines of code submitted for analysis by large enterprises, commercial software providers, open source projects, and software outsourcers in Veracode’s cloud-based application risk management services platform. Add this Infographic to Your Website for FREE!  ... READ MORE

Whitepaper: A Dose of Reality on Automated Static-Dynamic Hybrid Analysis

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By Chris Eng December 7, 2010

As application inventories have become larger, more diverse, and increasingly complex, organizations have struggled to build application security testing programs that are effective and scalable. New technologies and methodologies promise to help streamline the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC), making processes more efficient and easing the burden of information overload. In the realm of... READ MORE

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