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For those new to application security, we cover the application security basics and answer questions such as what is application security, why it's important, how it fits in the security ecosystem and how to get started.

Five reasons why you need an application security program

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By Jasmine Noel June 18, 2012  | Intro to AppSec

Many organizations looking at application security for the first time struggle with understanding why they should take a programmatic approach to tackling application security. I’ll touch on five reasons in this post on why you should have a program to deal with application security. 1) Address the full scope of the problem A quick look at Quocirca’s survey results shows that... READ MORE

What is Data Integrity? Learn How to Ensure Database Data Integrity via Checks, Tests, & Best Practices

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By Michael Teeling May 14, 2012  | Intro to AppSec 4

Data integrity is a fundamental component of information security. In its broadest use, “data integrity” refers to the accuracy and consistency of data stored in a database, data warehouse, data mart or other construct. The term – Data Integrity - can be used to describe a state, a process or a function – and is often used as a proxy for “data quality”. Data... READ MORE

What is OWASP? Guide to the OWASP Application Security Top 10

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By Neil DuPaul April 25, 2012  | Intro to AppSec 3

Every vibrant technology marketplace needs an unbiased source of information on best practices as well as an active body advocating open standards. In the Application Security space, one of those groups is the Open Web Application Security Project (or OWASP for short). OWASP operates as a non-profit and is not affiliated with any technology company, which means it is in a unique position to... READ MORE

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