Jon Janego

Senior Product Manager for Veracode Static analysis. Jon is responsible for the strategy of all Veracode Static Analysis features. Jon has been with Veracode since 2013, and has been working in information security since 2008 in a variety of consulting and product-oriented roles. Jon lives in Chicago, IL.
Posts by Jon Janego

Making Our Static Analysis Even Better: Announcing Support for the Scala Language and the Boto3 Framework

October 4, 2017  | Security News

As development speed has skyrocketed, security testing has shifted “left,” where it increasingly falls within the realm of the developer, rather than the security team. Today, modern application security programs feature centralized governance by security, but testing and fixing are owned by development in an automated fashion throughout the build process. In this approach, security owns setting... READ MORE

Streamlining Scan Results: Introducing Veracode Custom Cleansers

April 6, 2017  | Customer News

Developers face increased pressure to ship code rapidly, and are responding by adopting rapid development methodologies like CI/CD. In turn, application security needs to align with development processes and support this move toward more rapid development cycles. But this support is not solely about speed, it’s also about (1) understanding how developers use scanning results and (2)... READ MORE

Get Security Results Earlier in the Development Process: Introducing Veracode Accelerated Results

April 5, 2017  | Customer News

Software is increasingly becoming key to every enterprise’s innovation, competitive advantage, and bottom line. At the same time, it’s also increasingly becoming cyberattackers’ favorite target. Consequently, in the world of software security testing, slow and late are out. “The earlier the better” doesn’t apply in all circumstances, but it is certainly the... READ MORE

Helping Developers Move Faster

October 5, 2016  | Secure Development

Veracode’s mission is to secure the software that powers the world.   And one of the most interesting parts of working here, is that in order to achieve that goal, we get to learn about the entire spectrum of computing technologies.  I think of enterprise software landscapes as similar to evolutionary biology.  There are generations and generations of different... READ MORE

Security Testing: What's Your Remediation Plan?

May 7, 2014

8218901_m_2.jpg Application security testing is finally mainstream, after years of effort. Whether it’s compliance-driven or a result of the increasing realization that information security is about a lot more than just firewalls, application security testing is happening in most organizations. Here at Veracode, we test thousands of apps a year – and that number is only growing. All... READ MORE

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