Stop Browser Tracking With Duck Duck Go's Handy Guide

A few days ago Duck Duck Go, the search engine that advocates privacy and opposes tracking of any sort, released an awesome guide for Data Privacy Day. Their guide outlines how to prevent your browser from tracking you in any way possible. The guide, available at first identifies your browser type, then gives a list of recommended plugins along with a short synopsis of what function that plugin performs. In addition, there are handy links to install the plugins straight from the guide along with a breakdown and description of common tracking techniques. To round things up they also recommend even more plugins that protect your privacy in other ways.

The guide has recommendations for all five of the most popular broswers.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera

Altogether it's a really simple guide that educates and makes the process of setting up your system to work for you efficient and effective. Go ahead and check out the guide for yourself if you haven't seen it and don't forget to pass the link along to friends and family.

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