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For the past 5 years Veracode has relied solely on our talented Research Team for blog content. During that time they’ve delivered some of the best research and commentary on application security existing on the web and in the blogosphere today. But our Research team is as busy as they are talented so I thought it was about time we share the burden of great content creation at Veracode. The good news for our blog readers is that our company is full of really smart people who have a lot to say about security. So, beginning today you’ll start to see content authored by new Veracode writers who will adhere to the same high standard of our Research bloggers - to deliver you compelling thoughts on the world of security, the stuff we think will be most worth knowing.

So what else is new? The overall format of our blog has changed significantly. You’ll notice our new blog has three main sections:

  1. All Things Security
  2. Research
  3. Infographics

All Things Security is where you’ll come to enjoy discussion and perspectives on topics related to security in general. We’ll feature IT security news, application security developments, and commentary on what’s trending in our industry. We’ll also keep you updated on Veracode, our people and our technology platform. You’ll meet new bloggers like Sam King (she is the catalyst behind our semi-annual State of Software Security Report) and Fergal Glynn (he’s a developer, turned product manager, turned online marketer – so he’s seen appsec from all angles) . You’ll also read guest posts from other security bloggers we respect and we’ll invite your comments and feedback to be sure we’re consistently providing content that’s of interest to you, our readers.

Research is where you’ll continue to hear from our great Research Team including Chris Wysopal, Chris Eng, and Tyler Shields to name just a few. Our Veracode researchers are continually exploring new application security issues and when they find something interesting, you’ll be the first to hear about it. You can expect more great posts like Chris Lytle’s analysis of the Sony PSN breaches and Tyler Shield’s deep dive into Pandora’s mobile application. And we’ll never shy away from controversy as Chris Wysopal demonstrated in his response to the Oracle CSO blog attacking Veracode and Chris Eng’s recent post about the dysfunction that often exists between developers and the security pros in their organizations.

Infographics is a brand new focus area for Veracode. As most who work in IT security know, the concepts surrounding security can often be complex and full of nuance. According to Wikipedia, Infographics are visual representations of complex information, data or knowledge that aim to graphically present that complex information quickly and clearly. That’s why we think security and infographics are the perfect combination and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them from us.

So once again, welcome to the new Veracode blog! We’re glad you found your way here. Explore the existing content and please come back again to enjoy our new daily posts.

Till then…

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