Why Partner with Veracode

Top reasons to partner with Veracode

Highly Scalable, Cloud-Based Platform

Veracode offers a simple to use, turnkey solution enabling partners to start their program immediately without installing new servers and on-premises tools. For customers who are new to application security, they can start quickly and the partner can help rapidly deliver value and then increase scale from there. 

Industry Recognition 

Veracode has been recognized as a leader in the Magic Quadrant since 2010. Our offering is focused on ensuring that the customer can achieve their application security goals with actionable and consumable results. Whether fully integrated into the SDLC or as a standalone service, Veracode and our partners enable a customer to achieve the outcome it desires.

Reduce Risk

Veracode’s SaaS platform uses binary static analysis to rapidly identify and remediate exploitable vulnerabilities during code development and dynamic scan to discover and scan thousands of web applications simultaneously. With our technology we can assess applications without needing source code. This provides a comprehensive view for a customer across all their applications, including software that is built by the customer or a partner, third party libraries, open source or off-the-shelf software applications. This is all provided in a highly scalable, easily integrated way.

Your Customers Can Succeed With Our Products and Services

“I don’t think that we would have been able to expand the program [that we had before Veracode] to the point that we have now, due to the added complexity of our legacy application estate. We would have needed to add 15 FTEs to the team.” 

- Head of application security, financial services organization, Forrester Case Study

“In addition to immediately remediating risk at thousands of critical sites, the program included a monthly assessment and remediation program that reduced critical and high vulnerabilities by 79 percent over an eight month span…The company is also looking for more ways to use Veracode’s automated technologies to reduce risk in other areas of the business.”

- Veracode Case Study With Global 100 Manufacturer 

“Veracode’s programmatic approach leverages centralized policies and standard KPIs to align multiple teams — security, development, operations, audit & compliance — across a common set of goals and objectives, based on best practices.”

- Veracode Case Study with Global Bank



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