Partner Benefits

Our partner program enables partners to combine their security and development expertise with the industry’s first purpose-built SaaS offering for application security.

Address evolving threats with new value-added services

With the growing focus on web application security, third-party security and mobile security, the application security market is growing exponentially. In fact, Veracode's revenue has been growing at rates of 50 percent or greater per year.

Why? Cyber-attackers continue to improve their tactics at an alarming rate. Now that most enterprises are proficient at hardening traditional perimeters with next-generation firewalls, IDS/IPS systems and end-point security solutions, cyber-attackers have turned their attention to web-facing applications. They look for paths of least resistance, such as less critical sites you may not even know existed. They search every nook and cranny of applications to find their weak spots.

And if organizations aren’t testing their application infrastructures to the same level, they're exposing themselves to unnecessary risks that can lead to theft of customer data and intellectual property, fraud, downtime and brand impact.

By working with Veracode, partners can address this growing market demand by delivering new value-added services built upon our powerful cloud-based platform.

Add new sources of revenue

A critical component of Veracode’s risk rating system is manual penetration testing of business-critical applications. Pen testing is typically used to identify authorization, configuration and authentication flaws that are not easily found with automated analysis.

Veracode works closely with leading security organizations to supply manual penetration services, which represent additional revenue-generating opportunities for our partners. Other revenue sources include consulting services to help customers integrate security into their SDLC processes and define enterprise-wide policies, reporting and governance processes. 

Reduce engagement costs

Veracode’s SaaS platform accelerates security reviews with binary static analysis technology that is considered to be the most accurate approach for rapidly identifying and remediating exploitable vulnerabilities during code development. Our platform also uses a massively parallel, auto-scaling cloud architecture to discover and dynamically scan thousands of web applications simultaneously — supporting the largest and most complex domains.

As a result, partners can dramatically reduce their engagement costs without sacrificing quality or coverage. And they can further optimize margins by leveraging Veracode’s expertise on-demand, to augment their own technical resources when required.